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Bar Admissions:

  • Massachusetts (2013)
  • New Hampshire (2005)
  • Maryland (2003)


  • American University Washington College of Law (2003)
  • Cornell University (2000)


  • New Hampshire Bar Association
  • Massachusetts Bar Association

Brianna M. Rowley, Esq.


Attorney Brianna Rowley is an experienced divorce and family law litigator with more than ten years of experience practicing law. She started her legal career as a criminal defense and appellate defense attorney in New Hampshire and Massachusetts and today she exclusively practices divorce and family law. Attorney Rowley is compassionate to her clients, methodically prepares to win, and is right at home in the courtroom.

Extensive Trial Experience

Attorney Rowley has extensive experience litigating in and out of the courtroom. She has an knowledge of the juvenile, criminal, and probate and family courts. She manage a large and complex case load and, as a result, from the very beginning of her legal career, she’s been before judge nearly every working day. Attorney Rowley did not start her career in a windowless office, preparing briefs and organizing discovery. Rather, she cut her teeth arguing complex and life-changing issues to judges and juries. She’s litigated dozens cases through trial, including homicides and major felonies. Today, Attorney Rowley applies her diverse experience and skills to only handling divorce and family law cases.

Methodical Preparation

A prepared attorney is an effective attorney. Attorney Rowley has built a professional reputation of methodically preparing her cases for trial. You probably don’t want your case to go to trial. That’s because most people don’t want to pay for trial. Likewise, most people don’t want to endure the mental strain of trial. You might initially worry that extensive preparation will cost more money. However, the reality is that preparing well for trial puts you in the best position to settle your case. Simply put, Attorney Rowley is in the best position to settle your case when she knows every relevant fact and is ready to argue your legal position to the judge.

You don’t want the judge feeling your attorney is unprepared. Nor do you want opposing counsel using that fact to his advantage. You can’t afford for your attorney to miss an important detail or undervalue a fact’s relevance. Solid preparation is key to obtaining a positive result and unpreparedness frustrates judges. The judges often talk about this issue at bar association events and legal education programs. Attorneys simply lose credibility when unprepared. Hence, just imagine the advantage you gain by coming to court overwhelmingly prepared.

Appellate Experience

A detail-oriented attorney is a better attorney. You want an attorney who is better at spotting issues and catching relevant facts. However, it’s not so easy for you to identify an advocate who is detail-oriented. You will best assess the issue by picking up on other relevant indicators and experience. For example, detail-oriented people tend to keep their desks clean and orderly. They tend to not make mistakes in their email correspondence. And, they might be successful in a subject matter that demands close attention to detail, such as appellate work, as is the case with Attorney Rowley.

A small percentage of trial lawyers take on appeals. A much smaller percentage start taking them on in the first few years of practice, as did Attorney Rowley. She strengthened her trial skills early in her legal career by taking on criminal and juvenile appeals. Consequently, she gained a perspective few trial lawyers possess.

Appellate work requires great issue-spotting and attention to detail. Consequently, appellate work requires the attorney to closely exam the record and identify reversible errors. That includes any mistakes made by either side’s attorney or the trial judge. It involved reviewing the entire trial record, all the trial exhibits, the relevant law and rules, combing through an expanse of content in search of mistakes. In other words, it’s detail oriented with a focus on perfection. Attorney Rowley’s has defended more than a dozen appellate cases before the New Hampshire Supreme Court and today she takes on family law appeals in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Managing Attorneys

Attorney Rowley’s has grown her skill set since first admitted as a lawyer in 2003. She’s manages a diverse case load and mentors younger lawyers. She’s also supervised other attorneys, an opportunity she’s earned based on her performance. Notably, Attorney Rowley supervised eight trial attorneys while working at the Massachusetts Committee for Public Counsel, a clear reflection of her competence and capability. Today she continues to mentor attorneys and paralegals in her divorce and family law work and excels as a leader at the firm.

Consider the Experience of one of of Attorney Rowley’s Clients:

I have an extremely contentious case that’s gone on for years and I’ve had two other lawyers over that time. I’ve never been so prepared for trial, mentally and strategically, as I am with Brianna and Kristin. I can’t thank you both enough! – D.C.

Hiring Attorney Brianna Rowley as Your Lead Counsel

Today Attorney Rowley devotes her practice to all aspects of domestic relations matters. As a result, her case load consists of divorce, child custody, child removal/relocation, modification, enforcement and contempt cases. She also handles guardianship cases, probate administrations, and adoptions. Call our office at (866) 995-6663 to hire Attorney Rowley or to learn more about her practice.