How COVID-19 Has Impacted Our Courts

COVID-19 has changed the world in many ways. Nonetheless, we are all adapting, including the court system. While the physical courthouses are open only for limited purposes, the Probate and Family Court system is operating. Turco Legal is taking on new clients and moving cases forward to resolution. We’re mediating and negotiating cases remotely through videoconference and telephone sessions. We’re also holding court hearings by Zoom meeting and phone.

Turco Legal has always invested in technology to manage our cases efficiently and to maximize collaboration among our team. We continue to do so through the COVID-19 health crisis. The current climate presents challenges most of us have not experienced. Nevertheless, we remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering excellent results to our clients.


COVID-19 Court Updates


Parenting Orders Remain in Effect

It is important to note that parenting orders in Massachusetts remain in effect. Accordingly, staying in compliance with such orders is important. It is still possible for the court to grant new orders or modify existing orders. If you would like to speak with an attorney regarding your rights related to a new or existing parenting order, schedule a consultation with our office by calling (866) 995-6663. Or, you can click the appropriate button at the bottom of this page.


Court System News and Information

The Massachusetts court system remains committed to providing up-to-date information regarding court operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Information regarding courthouse openings and activities is available online. It is important to access these resources frequently, as changes and updates will occur as the pandemic unfolds.

For all court system news and information related to COVID-19, click: Court system response to COVID-19.

If you are seeking information related to visiting a courthouse, click: What to know before going to a courthouse during COVID-19.

For information that is specific to the operations of the Massachusetts Probate and Family Court, click: Probate and Family Court Standing Order 2-20, as amended July 1, 2020.


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