Justice for All Program | MA Uncontested Divorce without Children

Uncontested Massachusetts Divorce without Children  |  $350

This package is ideal if you and your spouse agree on the terms of your divorce, but you need a written separation or settlement agreement to file with the court, along with the rest of the necessary paperwork. This is also a popular package for clients who believe their spouse will accept their proposal but want all the paperwork drafted before presenting the offer.

The package includes the following:

  • Joint Petition for Divorce Pursuant to G.L. c. 208, s. 1A
  • Separation Agreement
  • Affidavit of Irretrievable Breakdown
  • Record of Absolute Divorce
  • Financial Statement
  • Cover Letter to File your Case with the Court
  • Instructions on Next Steps
  • 30 Minute Discuss with an Attorney to Discuss the Documents and Answer Questions

Notes about this package: While we will draft your documents, we’ll need information from you to do so. So, once you pay your fee and sign an agreement for our services, we’ll send you a simple web form to complete on a computer or mobile device. You’ll need is a reliable internet internet connection and some time. Depending on the amount of information we will need, we may send more than one web form to break the process up a bit.

Pro Tip:  Write down questions as you go through this process so that when you speak with the attorney, you don’t forget anything.

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