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Finding the right attorney isn’t easy, particularly when what matters most is on the line. We are five experienced divorce, custody, and family law lawyers with over 45 years of combined experience. If you’re looking for a Boston divorce lawyer with the convenience of office locations on the north shore, know that we have offices located in Andover, Boston, and Newburyport. We’ve represented thousands of clients, based locally and around the world, through resolution of their matters. Whether your matter is uncontested or complex, it would be a privilege to be of assistance in your case.


Scheduling a Consultation

An attorney consultation is the best way to learn about the law and how it applies to your case. We do all our initial consultations by phone followed by in-person meetings as appropriate. Call (866) 995-6663 to schedule your free, confidential consultation with a family law attorney or click here to schedule online now.

Our Areas of Expertise

Our attorneys are all career-long divorce and family law practitioners, each having unique depth of knowledge with more specialized issues. Whether we leverage our expertise in complex financial cases, high net worth cases, or challenging custody and parenting matters, we are well positioned to perform.

Complex Financial and High Net Worth Divorce

While there are financial issues in every divorce, cases presenting financial complexity and high value assets require expert assessment and advocacy. Not every divorce lawyer handles cases of this nature, and for good reason. These cases generally require advanced asset and income identification, asset and liability valuation, and determination of earning ability and availability for the purpose of income imputation and attribution. The utilization of forensic accountants, financial investigators, and vocational experts is generally considered in the development of our case strategy and discovery blueprint. The objective, ultimately, is to resolve the case in a fair, reasonable, and efficient manner, either by settlement or at trial, while maximizing our likelihood of success.

Complex Child Custody and Parenting Issues

It only takes one parent to create major child custody and parenting issues. That behavior can unfortunately result in a high conflict and complex custody case. Many of our cases involve the parenting implications of substance abuse, mental illness, personality disorders, parental alienation, and neglect. If you have these issues in your case, it’s important to have a lawyer who utilizes parenting and mental heath experts, psychological evaluations, drug or alcohol testing and the appointments of Guardian Ad Litems and parenting coordinators. When we take on a complex child custody case, we architect case strategy in collaboration with the client with the objective of delivering a safe, stable, and carefully thought-out parenting plan in the child’s best interest.

Our Divorce & Family Law Attorneys and Staff

Meet the divorce, child custody, and family law attorneys and staff of Turco Legal, PC.

Divorce and Family Law Lawyer Testimonials

As you might have gathered from reviewing our competition, there aren’t too many positive divorce lawyer or family law attorney online reviews out there. All the more reason to consider what our own clients have to say about our work. Yes, we have great days in court and find satisfaction in delivering great results, but hearing it from our clients is the best.  Here’s just a sampling of our client testimonials:

If there is anyone looking for legal representation for the purpose of gaining legal advocacy in a divorce, I could not recommend more the legal team at Turco legal. My divorce was very complicated because it involved complex parenting challenges and issues that were harming our children and preventing them from moving on to thrive. My need for legal advocacy was because I wanted to protect my children. The case was intensely complicated and Turco legal handled it gracefully and with compassion. These things are not the most important when a case is presented in front of a judge but they are important in the private meetings and pretrial conferences. What continues to amaze me is that in court they advocated with logic and knowledge and a complete competency. I hope for anyone suffering through divorce that they have the kind of representation that Turco legal offers. John Dubus

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