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At Turco Legal, PC, we believe that everyone deserves legal representation, particularly a divorce lawyer or family law attorney when in the probate and family court; not just the wealthy and not just those who qualify for free legal services. Everyone.


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Valuing Partnerships and Professional Practices in a Divorce

How is a share in a partnership valued in a divorce? How are professional practices valued in a divorce? People facing a divorce are often concerned about their financial futures. One such financial concern regards how shares in a...
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Prenuptial Agreement Requires Meaningful Choice in Giving up Rights During the Marriage

Generally, in order for an antenuptial agreement, commonly known as a prenuptial agreement, to be considered valid and enforceable in Massachusetts, the agreement must meet the following elements: in writing and signed by the parties;...
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Massachusetts Long Arm Statute in Divorce and Custody Cases

Jack and Jen were married in Massachusetts and lived together as husband and wife for four years, during which they had one child, Jonah. Jen has left the marital home on her own. Jack wants to file for divorce, and he also wants custody...
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As you might have gathered from reviewing our competition, there aren’t too many positive divorce lawyer or family law attorney online reviews out there. All the more reason to consider what our own clients have to say about our work. Yes, we have great days in court and find satisfaction in delivering great results, but hearing it from our clients is the best.  Here’s just a sampling of our client testimonials:

If there is anyone looking for legal representation for the purpose of gaining legal advocacy in a divorce, I could not recommend more the legal team at Turco legal. My divorce was very complicated because it involved complex parenting challenges and issues that were harming our children and preventing them from moving on to thrive. My need for legal advocacy was because I wanted to protect my children. The case was intensely complicated and Turco legal handled it gracefully and with compassion. These things are not the most important when a case is presented in front of a judge but they are important in the private meetings and pretrial conferences. What continues to amaze me is that in court they advocated with logic and knowledge and a complete competency. I hope for anyone suffering through divorce that they have the kind of representation that Turco legal offers.

John Dubus

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