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We value well-informed clients and, as a listener of public radio, we know being well-informed is important to you. As divorce attorneys, a significant part of our role is pursuing and advocating the truth. While many of our cases are minimally contested, many others are high-conflict, involving complex child custody or atypical financial issues. Our charge is to ascertain the facts and educate our clients and the court in understandable terms, regardless of underlying complexity. To collaborate effectively on case strategy or settlement terms, our clients must exercise good judgment – a nearly impossible task without credible information and good advice. Clients who learned of us on public radio understand this inherently.


Marketplace for your Divorce Education

If you’ve listened to Kai Ryssdal on NPR’s Marketplace, you know he presents the day’s economic news in understandable, digestible terms. When complex issues arise, he concisely but effectively explains them, often adding historical context. In forecasting what’s ahead, he’s pragmatic, often reminding us to consider the most relevant facts in making our own decisions. There are countless resources available to better understand the economy, but we listen to Marketplace because it provides credible information, insightful analysis, and is presented in a simple and conversational tone. When you consult with us on your divorce, you’ll have a similar but interactive experience. We have extensive experience in complex divorce litigation and mediation. With over 100 years of combined attorney experience, we know this area of the law well and know what questions to ask to get to the heart of the matter. Schedule a confidential phone or zoom meeting to gain a comprehensive understanding of your rights and obligations, the most probable outcome of your case, and what you should be doing now.

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