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Common Divorce Terms Explained

The divorce process if full of legal jargon and many divorce terms can lead to confusion during an already challenging time. Here, we give a general overview of common divorce terms to help provide some clarity. These divorce terms are broken down into three major...

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Parent Education Class & COVID-19

Going through a divorce is often an emotionally challenging experience for the married couple. For partners who entered a marriage with excitement for their future together, coming to terms with a new reality, separate from the other spouse, can be difficult. When the...

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Stepparent Adoption in Massachusetts

Few things make us happier than helping with adoption matters, which we often refer to as “happy law.” Among some of the most common cases of adoption are those in which a stepparent adopts a stepchild. These cases often take place after the stepparent and stepchild...

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Trust Law and Divorce

Division of marital property is often in contention in divorce cases. And, for many divorcing couples, real property represents a major asset the parties must divide. When the matter involves real property in a trust, additional complications may arise. In a recent...

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