Divorce and Family Law Videos


Massachusetts Divorce Video: The Experience of Working with Turco Legal as your Divorce Lawyer

Choosing a divorce or family law attorney isn’t easy. You can’t really shadow us throughout a day. You can’t listen to us talk on the phone with opposing counsels or write letters to the court on other cases. You probably aren’t going to wait at the courthouse, hoping we’ll happen to be there that day. Instead, you’re going to take in all the indicators of credibility you see, such as the professionalism of our website and your feeling of confidence after speaking with us by phone or in person at a consultation and understanding our approach. We filmed this Massachusetts divorce video to give prospective clients a sense of, not only the experience of working with our divorce lawyers and family law attorneys, but how we manage cases through the most challenging of issues. Thank you to Crisp Video for the stellar videography.

Massachusetts Divorce Video: Why Schedule a Consultation

We handle divorce and family law cases across most of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine. We cover a wide-ranging geographic area, but we do it with the anticipating of bumping into our clients and opposing parties while out in our daily lives. That’s right, lawyers run into their contacts everywhere from the grocery store to the soccer field, just like you do in your daily life. But, we’re okay with that. We do excellent work and we’re proud of it. We’re not overly aggressive, nor do we fold under pressure. We make well-reasoned, strategic decisions and we stand by them.

Massachusetts Family Law Video: Managing Parenting Issues through the Holidays

It is an unavoidable truth that some people are driven more by emotion than logic, while some people are more logical and, even robotic, decision-makers. Different approaches, particularly when one parent doesn’t understand the other’s reasoning, can lead to disagreement. When holiday plans are at stake, disagreements sometimes result in disappointment. If you anticipate co-parenting conflict this holiday season, watch this video and learn to maximize your holiday cheer.