Bar Admissions:

  • Massachusetts (2011);
  • Florida (2008)


  • New England Law Boston (2008);
  • Bryant University (1999)

Awards & Recognition:

  • Massachusetts Bar Association Volunteer Recognition Award (2015)
  • Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly Up & Coming Attorney Award (2014)
  • Cali Award: Negotiation (2007)
  • New England Scholar Award (2007)
  • Super Lawyers Rising Star (2013-2017)


  • Massachusetts Bar Association (MBA 2013-Present)
  • Massachusetts Bar Foundation (MBF 2015-Present)
  • Greater Newburyport Bar Association (GNBA 2016-Present)
  • Lawyers for Affordable Justice (LAJ 2016-20)
  • Legal Advocacy and Resource Center (LARC 2014-17)


  • President (MBA 2023-Present)
  • President-Elect (MBA 2022-23)
  • Vice President (MBA 2021-22)
  • Treasurer (MBA 2020-21)
  • Secretary (MBA 2019-20)
  • Executive Management Board (MBA 2017-Present)
  • Budget and Finance Committee (MBA 2017-Present)
  • Civility and Professionalism Committee (MBA 2015-21)
  • Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. Scholarship Committee (MBA 2015-23)
  • Membership Committee (MBA 2014-18)
  • Chair/Vice Chair LPM Section Council (MBA 2013-16)
  • Board Member (GNBA 2016-19)
  • Treasurer (GNBA 2016-19)
  • Executive Director (LAJ 2017-20)
  • Board Member (LARC 2014-17)


Damian J. Turco, Esq.

Founder and Partner

A Strong Attorney-Client Relationship is the Cornerstone of Successful Divorce

I’m Attorney Damian Turco, but please call me Damian. Speaking with a divorce lawyer can seem intimidating, so I always look for ways to be more approachable. This is a good opportunity to get a sense of my experience and thought process, after which I hope I will seem more like a person and less like an intimidating divorce lawyer.

When I started my divorce and family law practice in 2008, it didn’t take me long to appreciate the importance of a good attorney-client relationship. Emotions tend to run high in these types of cases and that naturally make exercising good judgment challenging for clients. If you’re reading this, you’re likely going through or considering divorce, so you probably have a sense of this already. Either way, my point is clients tend to do better when they have a competent advocate by their side.


It’s Nearly Impossible to Exercise Good Judgment When You’re in an Emotional State of Mind

Parties who are grieving, depressed, or exhausted are more likely to agree to a bad deal. When you’re angry or resentful, you may be overly aggressive. Furthermore, from the judge’s perspective, you may be unreasonable. I realize there may be facts of your case you’re not entirely proud of or happy with. It may just be that you and your spouse grew apart. It may be that there’s been an extramarital affair. There could be substance abuse or mental illness issues. Whatever the case, don’t be embarrassed. It’s extremely rare for a divorce to be one party’s fault. What happens in nearly every marriage ending in divorce is the marriage slowly eroded. Some end with a final event of sorts and some don’t.


Exhaust All Means of Saving Your Marriage Before Coming to See Us

If you haven’t tried couple’s counseling yet, I recommend you give that a meaningful try before calling it quits. If your spouse won’t agree to go, speak with a therapist on your own. Come speak with us if that doesn’t work or is impractical and give us the whole story. After handling so many cases, it’s difficult to think of a fact pattern that would shock us. So, regardless of the facts, a cornerstone of an efficient, fair and reasonable resolution is our working relationship.


Maximize Your Relationship With Your Divorce Lawyer

A solid attorney-client relationship means having open and honest communication. You want responsiveness and cooperation from both the attorney and the client. Trust between us is critical. Clients get the best results when we build these characteristics into our relationship. I don’t care what you call me. You can call me Attorney Damian Turco if you’d like. What truly matters is that we build a trusting and reliable working relationship.


Licensed to Practice Law Since 2008

I’m licensed to practice law in Massachusetts and Florida and have been since 2011 and 2008, respectively. While I’ve handled a wide variety of cases over my career, divorce and family law has been my mainstay. Today it’s exclusively what my firm handles. I feel it’s helpful to have a broad understanding of the law, but when you do the same thing over and over again, you become an expert. There are too many areas of practice and too many things that change too often for one attorney to be an expert in all of them.

A better system, in my opinion, is to specialize. Review our website and you’ll see that we spend a significant amount of time and energy educating our readers on divorce and family law. We are building the most expansive library of Massachusetts divorce and family law guidance in the state and we’re proud of it. You’ll see that throughout our Massachusetts divorce information pages and our consistently updated Massachusetts Family Law Blog. Divorce and family law is what we’re doing day in and day out.


You Want a Divorce Attorney with Experience

I’ve personally resolved hundreds of family law cases and have overseen thousands to their conclusions, so I manage the law firm and oversee our caseload as it’s Managing Partner. Most potential clients meet with me or another Senior Attorney of Partner for their attorney consultations and we then delegate responsibilities and resources as a firm to you a lead attorney to effectively manage your case to a reasonable conclusion. Your lead attorney will involve me and other experts on our team in developing and manage the strategy of your matter. What I love most about my practice is that we help people through the most difficult times of their lives. I’m proud of the Turco Legal team and what we do for our clients, and I hope, if you’re now dealing with these issues, that you schedule a consultation so that that we can help you, too.


We’ve Probably Seen It All

I’ve handled so many cases and seen so many fact patters, that it’s unusual that I come across something we haven’t dealt with many times before. It’s normal for clients to feel their case is unique, but, if you’re in that group, your case probably isn’t as different as you think. When it comes to the details, we probably learn more about our clients’ lives than anyone ever knew. So, one, we’re not surprised easily and, two, we’re highly skilled and experienced at resolving unusual problems. We are in court every week and are always current on changes in the law.


Contribution to Our Community

I’m dedicated to the betterment of our community, both the legal community and the general community at large. I volunteer regularly and dedicate time to leadership at our state-wide bar, the Massachusetts Bar Association, where I’m currently serving as President. I’ve taken on other leadership roles in and out of our legal community over the years, including at the Greater Newburyport Bar Association, Lawyers for Affordable Justice, and in doing pro bono community outreach at homeless and domestic violence shelters across Massachusetts and Florida, when I practiced there. I believe in the importance of attorneys giving back to those less fortunate, particularly family law and divorce attorneys, because there are so many people in need of our help and without the resources to hire a lawyer.


Massachusetts Bar Association (MBA)

I’m an active member and leader at the Massachusetts Bar Association, where I’m currently the President. I’ve volunteered my time there, mainly in educational and leadership roles, meaningfully contributing to the membership of our state-wide bar.  I also currently serve on various committees, including the association’s Executive Management Board. I have previously taken active roles in council and committee leadership. Aside from serving in leadership at the MBA, I’ve served as an ambassador of the MBA, speaking at and coordinating educational programs with all nine Massachusetts law schools. I have represented the MBA at American Bar Association and National Conference of Bar President events. I’ve also had the honor of addressing thousands of new lawyers on behalf of the MBA, as they were sworn in as lawyers of the Commonwealth.


Greater Newburyport Bar Association (GBNA)

I am one of three Newburyport lawyers who, in late 2015, organized an effort to re-establish the Greater Newburyport Bar Association, now an association of over 170 local Newburyport lawyers. I served on the organization’s Board of Directors and serves as Treasurer for a few years, stepping down only when I took on an officer position at the MBA. I continue to support the GNBA and encourage our team to do the same. Local bar associations like this one are essential in furthering collegiality and service to the community.


Speaker, Contributor, and LinkedIn Thought Leader

Perhaps the greatest role a leader can play is to inspire. I choose to do that through education through speaking engagements, contributing to the public knowledge through news and media opportunities, and on social media, which for me is primarily LinkedIn. We are living in a time of such political polarization that, for many, it’s difficult to digest what information is credible and trustworthy. While we often hear the loudest voices from the extreme ends of the spectrum, the reality is most people are somewhere in the middle and nearly everyone just wants a society that is peaceful and on a positive trajectory. There are unarguably challenges in our legal and justice system. When you move forward with your divorce and family case, you may experience frustration with the system itself. Most people dealing with these types of cases don’t get the luxury of attorney representation because it’s financially out of reach. We do what we can at Turco Legal to make excellent legal service accessible to more, but I also lead and contribute to discussions on justice issues regularly. We have incredible capacity to be creative and solve problems. Sometimes our humanity gets in the way, but we have a collective will to improve society and I believe in doing my part to help.

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