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Bar Admissions:

  • Massachusetts State Bar (1997)


  • New England School of Law (1997)
  • Boston College (1994)

Certifications & Specialties:

  • Certified Financial Litigator, American Academy for Certified Financial Litigators


  • Massachusetts Bar Association
  • Essex County Bar Association
  • Women’s Business League

Jessica MacRae Sousa, Esq.


Attorney Jessica MacRae Sousa has diverse litigation experience with an emphasis on matrimonial and family law. Attorney Sousa has substantial experience with alimony, child support, custody, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, as well as paternity and actions for modification and contempt of existing orders.

With over 25 years in the legal community, Attorney Sousa is well-respected among legal professionals. She also has the courtroom experience to successfully represent her client’s case goals. Attorney Sousa leverages her extensive knowledge to ease the stress of her client’s divorce, custody or child support case. She works tirelessly to get results - assuring assets are properly divided, and support is set at the correct amount based on all relevant facts. Throughout her career, Attorney Sousa has spent countless hours with clients. As a result, she knows exactly how to reach her client’s goals while keeping legal costs reasonable. Moving the client’s case forward by doing things right the first time, while always considering if the results will justify the dollars spent.


Confident under Pressure and an Experienced Negotiator

Prior to joining Turco Legal, Attorney Sousa had her own private practice on the North Shore. Through her practice, she spent 18 years successfully working with clients on cases across all practice areas. With an extensive background in psychology, Attorney Sousa is a highly skilled negotiator. She has the unique ability to handle multiple complex issues, and communicate in a confident and concise manner during the most intense negotiations.


Certified Financial Litigator: Specialized Training in Complex Financial Matters

Attorney Sousa earned her Certified Financial Litigator (“CFL”) designation from the American Academy for Certified Financial Litigators (“AACFL”)*. To obtain the AACFL’s CFL designation, a litigator must both complete specialized training in the financial aspects of litigation and also pass the CFL exam.

In a divorce or family law case, an attorney's knowledge regarding financial matters can significantly impact the case outcome. In this regard, Attorney Sousa has distinguished herself from many other seasoned divorce and family law litigators. Through her advanced CFL training, Attorney Sousa has gained tremendous insight into complex financial matters—such as business and asset valuation, compensation, taxation, and investments. This higher level of financial understanding, coupled with her years of litigation experience, ensures that Attorney Sousa is well-equipped to fully understand unique financials and formulate effective arguments that will lead to the best case results for her clients.


Active in the Local Community

Attorney Sousa has been a fixture in the local community since making the North Shore her home almost 20 years ago. She has been an active part of the Greater Newburyport Families Club since the birth of her first daughter, who recently turned 14. Through that organization, Attorney Sousa has provided legal services to several local families. She has also been a volunteer at many of the fundraising events.

Giving back to her community has always been a passion for Attorney Sousa and her family. She spent several years as a proud Girl Scout Troop leader. In that role, she supported the Council on Aging, the Salvation Army and the local Foster Care office. A pet lover, Attorney Sousa and her family have volunteered with Sweet Paws Rescue helping care for rescue dogs and cats at the center and in their home with a recent foster “Mississippi Mutt” named Cooper. She is pleased to report that Cooper has found a loving forever home. Her family’s recent focus has been supporting the community as volunteers at Our Neighbors’ Table food pantry.


Hiring Attorney Sousa as Your Lead Counsel

When it comes time select your family law attorney, you need to consider all relevant factors. That is to say, you need to assess the lawyer's competence and availability to handle your case, as well as your time frame for getting started. Some factors are not so tangible and, to some extent, you'll need to go with your gut. Divorce and family law cases are more challenging to the parties, you, than anyone else. So, above all, you want a sense of trust with your attorney and the legal team that backs her up. To hire Attorney Sousa or to learn more about the firm, call us today at (866) 382-3877 to schedule a free attorney consultation.


*The AACFL is a private organization, whose standards for certification are not regulated by a state authority or the American Bar Association. To learn more about the AACFL’s professional standards, click here.