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Adoption Articles by Turco Legal, PC. We are a Massachusetts family law firm with offices in Andover, Newburyport, Newton, and Boston.

Adoption is what we call “happy family law”. While much of the family law docket is comprised of parties arguing over money and children, these cases showcase the best of humankind. We love handling them and offer free consultations for those considering the responsibility.

You may have found us after a frustrating search of the web. You want to learn more about the process, but reliable information seems hard to come by. There doesn’t seem to be a central depository of information on the internet discussing the process in Massachusetts, so we’ve created one. So, a good first step is checking out the site’s main page on Massachusetts adoption.

Next, there are different case types and issues that may complicate an adoption. We recommend you continue your education here, where we aggregate our adoption articles. This will help you build a working knowledge of adoption in Massachusetts. For a proper assessment, we recommend you schedule a free consultation with our office.  You can do that by calling (866) 995-6663 or online here.

Changing a Child’s Last Name

Typically, a child born into a valid marriage will receive the last name of the husband, who in Massachusetts is presumed to be the father of the child. There is, however, no law in place which requires the parents to give their child the father’s last name. In fact,...