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At Turco Legal, our Newton family law attorneys are compassionate, experienced counselors for our clients. We will put in the time, resources, and attention to the smallest of details to ensure that you receive the highest level of personalized representation. Our firm is ready to get started on your case immediately. Give us a call at (978) 225-9030 or get in touch with us directly online for a strictly confidential initial consultation with an experienced Massachusetts family lawyer.

We Handle the Full Range of Family Law Cases in Newton, MA


Divorce is difficult. On top of the emotions, there are a lot of complicated legal, logistical, and financial things that must be addressed. Our Newton family lawyers provide comprehensive representation in divorce cases. We can help you with:

  • Legal Custody: Legal custody refers to decision-making authority for a child. Parents may have shared legal custody even without equal physical custody rights.
  • Child Support: Our Newton child support lawyers handle the full range of cases, including negotiating an initial child support settlement, disputes over add-on expenses, back due child support, child support modifications, and more.
  • Alimony: We represent both the payors and recipients of alimony in Newton, MA divorce cases. Call us now for help with a spousal support case.


Mediation is a non-adversarial form of alternative dispute resolution. For family law, mediation may offer a number of different benefits over litigation. It could save you time, save you money, and help reduce the risk of hurt feelings. Some issues that our Newton family lawyers can help you address in mediation include:

  • Stubborn Spouse: Even if you are dealing with a difficult/stubborn spouse, mediation may still be useful. Our Newton family mediation lawyers can help you consider all of your available options in these cases.
  • College Expenses Disputes: Our Newton family mediation attorneys have helped parents resolve conflict of a child’s college tuition and college living expenses.
  • Child Custody Disputes: Disputes over child custody are often well-suited for mediation. Parents with shared custody/visitation need to be able to maintain an effective working relationship. Our Newton family mediation lawyer can help you work towards a solution.
  • Marital Home Issue: A marital home is one of the hardest things to split up in a Massachusetts divorce. Our Newton family mediation attorneys can help you find the best path forward.


Few people enter a divorce case or other family law dispute looking for a fight. Mediation, negotiation, and other types of collaborative divorce problem-solving works well in many family disputes. Of course, there are exceptions. If litigation proves to be necessary in your case, our trial-proven Newton family lawyers are more than ready to protect your rights.


Adoption can be a wonderful, joyous experience for parents, a child, and an entire family. Yet, the adoption process itself is often complicated and confusing. It is easy for families to get stressed out and overwhelmed. Our Newton adoption lawyersare here to help you navigate the process.

How Our Newton Family Lawyers Can Help 

Family law cases are notoriously complex. At Turco Legal, we are here to help shepherd you through the legal process—with a mission to ensure that you get the outcome you are entitled to under Massachusetts Commonwealth law. Among other things, our Newton family law attorneys will:

  • Hear your story, answer your questions, and explain your rights;
  • Gather and organize all of the information and evidence you need;
  • Represent you in any family law settlement negotiations; and
  • Devise a personalized strategy focused on getting you results.

No two family law disputes are identical. The approach that works for another person may not be right for your situation. We have a record of testimonials and reviews from clients because our Newton, MA family lawyers put time, attention, and personal focus into each and every case.

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At Turco Legal, our Massachusetts family lawyers possess the professional skills, legal expertise, and real world experience that you can rely on. If you have questions about family law, we will get you answers. Contact us at (978) 225-9030 for your confidential consultation. We provide family law advice in Newton and throughout the surrounding cities and towns in Middlesex County.

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