Justice for All Program | Flat Fee and Limited Representation

We believe everyone deserves legal representation; not just the wealthy and not just those who qualify for free legal services. Our legal system was designed with the idea that, when your legal rights are being threatened, you can bring your case before a judge or jury and justice will be done. But, anyone who has tried to present evidence or articulate a legal argument before a judge or jury without a lawyer will likely tell you you’re better off with a competent, experienced, knowledgeable lawyer by your side. Unfortunately, finding an affordable divorce lawyer is near impossible for most. Many more simply don’t want to spend their hard-earned money on lawyers. That’s why we’ve developed the Justice for All Program – a limited scope, flat fee representation program.


How Does the Program Work?

Review the packages below and select the one that meets your needs. Next you’ll pay your flat fee and we’ll send you a limited scope representation agreement by email which you can sign on a computer or mobile device. You’ll then give us the information we’ll need to complete your paperwork using a simple web form. We’ll then create your documents and schedule a convenient time to discuss answer questions. The first step is selecting a package that works for you.


Packages and Pricing

Massachusetts Uncontested Divorce without Children | $350

Massachusetts Uncontested Divorce with Children | $500