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Bar Admission:

  • Massachusetts Bar


  • Suffolk University Law School (2004)
  • Florida State University (1995)


  • Massachusetts Bar Association
  • Essex County Bar Association

Kristin Sherman, Esq.


Attorney Kristin Sherman has practiced law since 2004. She is primarily a divorce lawyer and family law attorney. That means most of her cases are divorces, representing one party of the other, but Attorney Sherman also represents parties in other types of family law case, like custody, child support, modifications, and contempt case. All these case types have common issues, typically money and children. When these are the issues at stake, it’s easy for emotions to run high.

What Attorney Sherman enjoys most about working with clients in this area is educating and advocating with an even keel. That is, boiling down what can be a complex issue with a broad spectrum of possibilities into understandable, digestible terms. It’s how both clients and judges prefer explanation and it is how Attorney Sherman operates. There are plenty of lawyers who get emotionally drawn into cases and that can be tempting, especially when the facts are egregious. But, the reality is that the client is more likely to get a better result if we focus on what’s important and so that’s what I do.

Extensive Experience with Complex Child Custody and Parenting Issues

Prior to joining Turco Legal, Attorney Sherman served on the Children and Family Law Trial Panel of the Committee for Public Counsel Services, representing parties through complex custody issues involving abuse, neglect or abandonment. These issues regularly emerge in divorce and custody cases and her depth of experience and knowledge is often put to good use. Attorney Sherman was also a bar advocate for the Delinquency and District Court Trial Panel for CPCS, which means she has represented children as their advocate. It’s difficult to fully explain the extent of child custody and parenting issues she deals with, but you can rest assured that Attorney Sherman has probably dealt with a very similar fact pattern many times over and have developed great conflict resolution and advocacy skills when it comes to custody issues.

Active in the Newburyport Community

Attorney Sherman always made giving back to the community a part of who she is. In Newburyport, Attorney Sherman served on the building commission of the Emma Andrews Public Library and as a volunteer in many respects with Newburyport Public Schools. It’s important to her that when you think of Kristin Sherman, you think great child custody lawyer who’s active in the local community.